“Let yourself be drawn by the strange pull of what you love. It will not lead you astray.” – Rumi


Angela works with people, individually, in groups, and in tailored in-house programmes.

Several of Angela’s clients have multiple degrees. One coaches round-the world rowing teams. One is a partner at a global property consultancy. Many are mothers and career women. Two were consultant surgeons. Two were dog sport competitors. One was a TV Producer.

Her clients have also been NHS Trusts, Leadership Academy’s, Charitable Organisations, Medical Deaneries, Renewable Energy Businesses, Global Learning Organisations, Coach Training Company’s, NLP Schools, The BMA.

Her clients are high achieving professionals and experts in their fields. They have successes as leaders, entrepreneurs, medics, business owners, dog trainers, coaches, and consultants. They’ve written books, run companies, and changed lives.

When they need help, Angela is the one they call…

She’s designed and run one of a kind team building events, interactive coach training courses, and leadership programmes.

She’s spoken at live online conferences facilitated by entrepreneurs and companies all around the world.

Nowadays she runs live online programmes where people come together from her community or from across an organisation to learn about something specific.

She works with individual and organisational clients for between 1 and 10 years. Sometimes more. Sometimes less.

Most coaches have a system or a process to follow.

Angela is not most coaches.

Her clients are unique human beings. They don’t fit in to a system.

Sometimes she helps 1:1 clients with their long-term career aspirations. Sometimes she helps them with a problem they need to solve in 24 hours.

Sometimes she helps them reflect deeply on what’s important to them in life, and sometimes she helps them get an idea out of their head and into the world.

Sometimes she listens to them deeply. And sometimes she shows them how to listen to themselves. Sometimes they pick her brain.

Sometimes she’s a thinking partner. Sometimes she’s a coach mentor. Sometimes she’s a teacher. Sometimes she’s a trusted advisor.

There’s no curriculum, no system, and no visible structure. Instead, it’s a deep transformation. One conversation. One insight. One person at a time.

Every experience is bespoke and lovingly created for the person in front of her.

What that looks like for you depends…

Do you want to navigate uncertain times? Start a coaching business? Write an honest and compelling ‘About Page’. Build an extraordinary team? Have more clarity? Resilience? Confidence? Impact? Peace of mind? Win Crufts?

Do you want to achieve more? Worry less? Increase your creative output? Ditch overwhelm? Take your coaching or leadership to the next level? Uncover what you really love to do and who you really love to serve? Bring a planet loving, sustainable, business idea to life? Use dogs in your coaching? Change your life?