Invitation to work 1 on 1 with Angela Watson

12 Week 1:1 Intensive With Angela

This is an invitation to helping professionals and expert service providers, with a track record of success, who want one of two things (or both)…

One…They’d like to get more out of their own lives and have a consistent positive impact on everyone in their world – family, friends, and dogs included.


Two…They’d like it to be a lot easier to make more of an impact on their clients, customers, or staff, without working so hard.

This programme is a 12 week private intensive with me to help you get deeply aligned with your true direction and start living with more peace, passion, and clarity in your life.

Imagine a life that’s rich with:

1/ Rediscover your innate capacity for peace of mind, wellbeing, and deep inner resilience.

I’m talking about waking up with a sense of peace and happiness, knowing that you’re ok no matter what. Start living your life with a high quality mental and emotional lifestyle.

2/Mellow Living

Slow down and learn that it’s okay to put you first. Actually it’s essential. Get the sense of being comfortable in your own skin, follow your nudges, and live life being true to yourself.

3/Passion and Purpose

Every human being yearns for a sense of direction, a path that is ‘yours and yours alone’. When you’re on track with passion and purpose, you feel alive.

4/Enjoy enlightened success.

Living from a deep understanding of how life works. It means possibly refining your business, your relationships, your career, your mindset, your hobbies, in a way that makes sense to you and means you feel good about yourself, about achievements and material successes, and a life that’s rich with meaning and purpose.

Included in the programme is:

  • One on One Zoom Sessions
  • Bespoke assignments and resources (these are to be carried out as part of your everyday routine, so there’s no extra work.)
  • Unlimited feedback, via FB messenger or Whatsapp, and for any and all questions you might have.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to meet other amazing dog-folk in our private Facebook group.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you and I will be spend 75 minutes together, one on one upgrading your understanding of how life works. While your experience will be unique to you, many clients find that they emerge with more energy and confidence, and find a fresh new outlook on life.

The focus of my work is to point you in exactly the right direction to enable you to gain your own insights, to give you personalised assignments to work on, as well as enable you to ‘self-check in’ with yourself in future when we’re no longer working together.

The current investment for the programme is £3K

It’s paid in full or over 3 months because it’s so common for people to get tremendous value rapidly (some clients experience a profound shift in their perspective before the programme is finished).

Note, when the 12 weeks are over, clients of this programme have the option to re-enrol for more sessions with me, for more help and guidance whenever they wish – either at the end of the 12 weeks or at another time in the future. The investment for past clients to return is £600 per month or £1.5K for 3 months.

I’m accepting clients on the 12-week programme right now, and if you’re interested the next step is to send me a DM on Facebook and let me know that you’re interested.

We’ll have a quick chat to see where you stand with regards to the criteria mentioned above, and if we both feel it’s a good fit, we can get started as soon as today.

If you’re interested in that, please include the following information in your initial DM to me.

-your professional expertise

-your professional experience

-your best 2 or 3 results

-your most important current issues

– your current and desired outcomes or goals you have in mind

-what you’re most hoping to gain from working together on this.

I’m excited to connect with you, and to learn about you, and your dreams.

Have a great day.

Angela x

Registration Now Open


Limited Spaces Available

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