This is an invitation to sport dog competitors, trainers, and other expert dog handlers, who are technically proficient and want one of two things (or both) to change.

One…they’d like more enjoyable and consistent performances, and to rediscover their love of the sport, independent of the result, or the outcome.


Two…they’d like it to be a lot easier to step into the ring and compete without having a head full of concepts, strategies, worries, or fears.

This programme is a 90 day private coaching programme with me and here’s what we work on:

1/ Clarifying your dog sports dream or creating it if you don’t have one.

2/ Exploring how your mind (and everyone else’s) really works

3/ Discovering where confidence, pressure, enjoyment, and performance anxiety come from.

4/Take your ideas, beliefs, and concepts about competing, one at a time to see if they are getting in the way.

5/ Discovering a deep realisation of who you are, why you compete, and why you keep coming back.

Included in the programme is:

  • One on One Zoom Sessions
  • Bespoke assignments and resources (these are to be carried out as part of your everyday routine, so there’s no extra work.
  • Unlimited feedback, via FB messenger or Whatsapp, and for any and all questions you might have.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to meet other amazing dog-folk in our private Facebook group.

My goal with every client on this programme is to simplify the way they approach their mental game and to give them personalised assignments on what to pay attention to, as well as be able to ‘self-check in’ with themselves in future when we’re no longer working together.

Past clients have said the personalised aspect of the programme was one of their favourite parts.

The best person for this programme is one who really enjoys dog training and the psychological exploration that goes along with the dog training process.

It’s also someone who is proficient at training dogs, has had 10+ years competing, with a number of dogs, and feels pretty settled at the moment with their technical skill and ability.

Note: Sometimes I make an exception to the number of years’ experience requirement, so long as you’ve shown progress through the classes.

The current investment for the programme is £1.5K

It’s paid in full or over 3 months because it’s so common for people to get tremendous value back rapidly (some clients experience a profound shift in their perspective before the programme is finished).

Note when the 90 days are over, clients of this programme have the option to re-enrol for more sessions with me, for more help and feedback whenever they wish – either at the end of the 90 days or at another time in the future. The investment for past clients to return is £400 per month or £1K for 3 months.

I’m accepting clients on the 90-day programme right now, and if you’re interested the next step is to send me a DM on Facebook and let me know that you’re interested.

We’ll have a quick chat to see where you stand with regards to the criteria mentioned above, and if we both feel it’s a good fit, we can get started as soon as today.

In a second I’ll tell you what to send me on messenger to make our chat more focused.

BUT first…

I also want to let you know that if you’re a business, leadership, executive, life, or sports dog coach, and would love to be trained by me to teach these powerful principles to your own clients, soon this option will be available. Just DM me on Facebook so I can add you to my ‘Certification’ list.

Now back to the 90 programme.

If you’re interested in that, please include the following information in your initial DM to me.

-your dog handling expertise

-your dog sport experience

-your best 2 or 3 results

-your most important current issues

– your current and desired outcomes or goals you have in mind

-what you’re most hoping to gain from working together on this.

I’m excited to connect with you, and to learn about you, and your sports dos.

You’re a winner. Of more than titles and trophies.

You’re highly accomplished, highly functional, motivated, sensitive, intuitive, and instinctive, with a good sense of humour, a successful track record, and a deep love for the natural world – especially dogs.

In fact, there’s nothing you do that’s more real for you than being with your dogs, in nature, and in life. It helps you tap into your creativity, your intuitive style, and the very essence of who you are.

But despite all your successes – there’s something you’re dissatisfied with in your life, but you don’t know what it is – a feeling of unease about something.

Or maybe you’re really clear about a specific area in your life and you want to see some changes but you’re at a loss as to how to make those changes occur.

Maybe you operate at such a high speed that you rarely slow down, and you can become exhausted before you know it.

Or you underplay your achievements because you move quickly on to the next stage of your business/life.

In all of these cases, you notice there’s a building sense of frustration and you start to become really hard on yourself because of the situation you’re in.

When we start working together, we start getting curious. We go beyond the day-to-day and we start figuring out what you really want out of life, who you really are, and then start co-creating a course that makes sense to you and that’s going to be sustainable.

When I was in the middle of all my stress and tension with work and my home life, I had a sense that something was off, but I didn’t know what that was, and I was getting frustrated and exhausted.

Things kept building and it was only when the Pandemic happened that I took a moment to stop, take stock, and I asked myself what it was I really wanted, that I was able to start figuring stuff out.

In my case I wanted peace – and peace looked like taking care of my needs, saying ‘no’ to work that no longer lit me up, setting boundaries, and committing to them. And it was only at the point when I knew what I wanted that I was able to start making some steps to that place, and finding peace, love, and joy, in the smallest of ways. And as I found more and more of this I was able to head in the direction I wanted to go.

So at this point, you’ve got 2 options – you can continue struggling and striving, power through continuing to do what you’ve always done, getting the same results, getting more frustrated and exhausted, or you can start getting content with where you’re at, and who you are, and from that place you can start building a new and better life – a life you LOVE.


What would it be like if your mind was free and unburdened regardless of the challenges and circumstances of your everyday life?

  • Would you like to experience more joy, peace and contentment in your life, with less frustration, overwhelm and worry?
  • Do you want to feel more at ease and content with your life?

My 12 week online group programme is designed to give you the space and time you need but rarely give yourself.

If you’re ready to experience a profound shift in your experience of life that will bring you more wellbeing, clarity, and peace of mind, this is for you.

The constant busyness of today’s whirlwind paced world creates stress, as well as hampering creativity and joy in all areas of life. Here we will be creating a space for you to pause for breath, and tune in to yourself.

12 Live Workshops Recorded So You Can Watch Again
Mind Calming Guidance & Defrazzling
A Space For You To Explore A Goal /Issue/Context
Insights That Are Perfect For You
Self Discovery Activities
Access To Angela Throughout
Ongoing Support in the MDM Facebook Group For As Long As You Need It
2 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions
Membership To A Private Facebook Messenger Group
Your Free Love Life T-Shirt Designed By Angela

This live online programme consists of 12 live workshops, personal journaling, and informal discussions. In between sessions, you’ll be encouraged to undertake periods of self-discovery, and to follow your inner guidance, as you start to get your ‘sh*t’ together.


  • remaining calm and clear, regardless of what’s going on around you.
  • handling stress better
  • feeling more present and connected with yourself
  • giving the same compassion to yourself that you so freely give to others.
  • having the confidence to follow your instincts and do what feels right.
  • observing your emotions without judgement
  • having fun and feeling more joyful
  • trusting your common sense rather than doubting and overthinking
  • living in the now, and not worrying about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow
  • knowing that feeling nervous cannot prevent you performing at your best under pressure

No More…

  • Feeling frazzled and being easily triggered by situations around you.
  • Loops of random thoughts stopping you getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Feeling knackered, overloaded, overwhelmed where even doing things you usually love feels like hard work.
  • Searching for the lost confidence and energy you used to have.

Registration Now Open

FMD Starts 17th February 2022

Limited Spaces Available



  hours  minutes  seconds


Frazzled Mind Detox

Programme Outline

  1. The Human Experience, What You’ve Got Going For You & Against You
  2. Your Mental Stage
  3. It’s All Thought
  4. Feelings
  5. Self Care
  6. Tuning In
  7. Listening To Your Instincts
  8. In Flow
  9. Who You Are Beneath The Mask
  10. The Antidote To Overwhelm
  11. 5 Big Insights
  12. What Now

And that’s not all…

100% of the dog parents who gave me feedback on the programme before it was launched said YES they would recommend this programme…

In fact 2 of them booked on to the programme right after the call.

Why are dog parents so excited about this programme?

Because I’ve created a programme that taps into the heart of what every dog parent wants…TO LOVE LIFE WITH THEIR DOGS.

It’s unlike anything else available for dog mums (and dads) today.

Dog Parents tell me that having quality time to focus on themselves sounds self-indulgent at first, but is necessary because they…

No Longer Feel Frazzled, Or Full Of Frustration, Guilt & Overwhelm…

They are happy in themselves AND give their dogs a wonderful life.

Thanks to my Frazzled Mind Detox, you’ll realise that everything you’ve been told about managing your mindset, trying to think positive, is not that helpful.

If your goal is to have a deep connection and a great quality of life with your dogs for their lifetime, then this is probably the last programme you’ll ever need.

Your Coach

My name is Angela Watson,

As you might already know I’m a dog parent. I’m also a professional coach, facilitator, and speaker.

I taught ‘coaching skills’ to large groups of professional coaches, trainers, business owners, and educators, in-person and online, for 15 years, whilst caring for, training, showing, and judging dogs. Then one day I realised that empowering dog parents to get their head in the game, could merge all my passions and skills and be rewarding and enjoyable.

The game-changing principles I have learned in a 15-year career in the coaching industry and 15 years raising, training, judging, and showing dogs are now available in this live, online, 12-week course.

This course has been years in the making, and is a summary of the most significant thing I have learned…


I live in a 16th Century wonky cottage near Basing House in Hampshire, with Jasper and Berty, two handsome, if rather wayward Working Golden Retrievers.

When I’m not training, showing, walking the dogs or helping other dog parents, I enjoy camper-vanning, and chilling out with the dogs 🙂

Angela Watson

The Frazzled Mind Detox