“Dear Angela, you are a model of excellence for commitment & learning.” ~ Your friend, Sue Knight.



Angela has the powerful and rare talent of humour.

Her ability to move from profound insight to a place of lightness and fun to really land a message is quite brilliant.

Angela brought an energy to a recent course I was on that truly engaged the full cohort. She’s an immensely impactful coach and coach trainer.

Wil Van Zyl

Angela’s coaching programme came at exactly the right time for me. I had had a difficult 2 years with concerns about the pandemic, together with bereavement, relationship problems, and illnesses. I was sad and felt as if I had lost my anchor.

Having completed coaching with Angela it has been very successful. Each session was enjoyable, useful, but oddly, not hard work.

It’s changed how I view problems, guided me to be aware of my thoughts, and to look after myself. In the past I have just been busy and only thought of others. It was so helpful to learn to check in on myself too.

So, without much effort, I feel happier, stronger, and more confident. I also now have lots more energy and things are just seeming to fall into place. I can now look forward to my new doggy adventures with excitement.

SJ, Dog Handler

Angela is one of the most talented trainers I’ve ever worked alongside.

She pays exquisite attention to a group at the same time as YOU & every other unique individual in the group.

She has an instinct for what is needed and will use a stunning imagination & well-honed knowledge to create the opportunity for it.

Intuitive, caring, considerate, flexible & fun. In her work & in her life she dreams, envisions & then makes it happen.

Sue White Master Coach & Supervisor

I love Angela’s passionate enthusiasm for animals and her creativity in connecting this to working with people, to give them learning about themselves.

I loved her tips about letting the love pour out to connect with Harry (Golden Retriever).

The best bit for me is the love that flashes from her eyes when she connects with Harry. It’s something I could actually see.

Jackie Lawler.

I came to Angela post Covid wondering which direction to take my business and questioning my own ability to due to imposter syndrome.

Through our sessions she helped the real me re-surface and my confidence grow.

We also laughed a lot.

She was the perfect thinking partner, and I am now happy with the direction I want to take my business and with who I am.

K. Harris, Business Owner.

I started my coaching programme with Angela about a year back. I was cautious of the challenges ahead of me as a young professional in a leadership position, needed guidance on how to approach things and how to achieve satisfaction and peace with all the changes I was going through.

Angela’s coaching helped me to value my capabilities even more, reduce mental and emotional attachment to situations, and to be more decisive.

Now I no longer fear the challenges ahead. I just deal with them as they come, and I’m capable of making decisions, that are well thought through, in a timely manner.

TR, Saudi Arabia

Angela’s personal style, her wisdom, kindness, humour, and natural ability to connect with me made the whole experience so enjoyable. I’m privileged to have been trained by Angela who is truly an expert in her field.

Clare Garrison, Learning & Development Lead.

Angela not only teaches her craft meticulously but provokes participants to exceed their personal boundaries, think for themselves, gain deeper insights, broaden horizons and increase self-awareness. Angela has opened my eyes to possibilities way beyond my ken.

Alistair Behenna, Coaching Course Participant.

When you’re in a room with Angela you feel invincible – like you can achieve anything you want to and more! She is open and giving with stories and insights from her own experience and this really enriches the learning experience. By being vulnerable herself, she allows you to go deeper – to have those moments of insight you wouldn’t otherwise have had. I am totally inspired by Angela’s approach to coaching and life.

Meg Attwood Phd Researcher in Pyschological Science.