Competitive Obedience Training With Angela Watson

Train Your Mind


Your state of mind matters a lot when it comes to competitive obedience. Train your dog AND your mind and perform consistently, with less stress and pressure than ever before.

Obedience training for your dog and your mind.

The mental side of dog sports is as important as physically training your dog, but is often not addressed or even mentioned in Competitive Obedience. How many of these can you answer yes to?


Do you find yourself over thinking and unable to focus before competition?

Are you plagued by overwhelm, imposter syndrome or self-doubt?


Do you perform really well in training, but lose it as soon as you step in the ring?

Do you struggle to handle the pressure of competing?


Are you self-conscious about your performance and what people are thinking?

Are you afraid of failure and disappointment?

Mellow Dog Mumma

Whether you’re an experienced competitor who wants to accomplish great things, or a newcomer hoping to get into competitive obedience, Mellow Dog Mumma has something for dog handlers at all levels. Our coaching and training is designed to help you train your mind as well as your dog.

you’d love to find a way of getting your mojo back, without changing your trainer or paying for another dog handling course.


No matter the training plan you choose you’ll experience the psychological insights and state of mind that allows you and your dog to perform at your best, with less pressure and stress than ever before.


Mellow Dog Mumma, a lifestyle and community where you can talk dogs, enjoy yourself, and be mellow.
Angela Watson – ‘Mellow Dog Mumma’& Dog Lover

Are you ready to train your dog AND your mind?

The number of dog owners in the UK who train their dogs to competition level is small. You’re already elite.

You want to accomplish more, and you know it’s not about training harder, or longer. It’s about training your dog AND your mind!

In this in-depth training course, we dissect the secrets that have taken high performers to the top. Discover how to become the best dog handler you possibly can, and gain insights into the psychology of becoming a great dog trainer and competitor.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah J (UK based Collie Owner from Dorset)

Within 3 months Sarah went from being a struggling, overwhelmed, wife, mother, and dog owner, to increasing her confidence, took charge of her finances to invest in her dream property, has become happy and strong, and now has a life she loves living.

Before: Sarah was struggling, overwhelmed, and exhausted after two difficult years. As a wife, and mother, she had to constantly handle demands from her family, was always putting other people before herself, and didn’t have time for her own self-care so felt tired and neglected.

Also, if she had a problem she would work harder at it, rather than asking for help, and she had very little energy.

After: Sarah now has lots more energy and is about to invest in an equestrian property where she can live and train her dogs with freedom and peace of mind. With more energy she is enjoying life, and has more free time to take care of her health, is more confident in her relationships, and has a lifestyle she loves as it keeps her fit, healthy and feeling joyful.

Timeframe: 3 months

Quote from Sarah: “Angela’s coaching programme came at exactly the right time for me. I had had a difficult 2 years with concerns about the pandemic, together with bereavement, relationship problems, and illnesses. I was sad and felt as if I had lost my anchor.

Having completed coaching with Angela it has been very successful. Each session was enjoyable, useful, but oddly, not hard work.

It’s changed how I view problems, guided me to be aware of my thoughts, and to look after myself. In the past I have just been busy and only thought of others. It was so helpful to learn to check in on myself too.

So without much effort, I feel happier, stronger, and more confident. I also now have lots more energy and things are just seeming to fall into place. I can now look forward to my new doggy adventures with excitement.”