“You gave me the kick up the backside I needed. You wouldn’t believe how radical I have been since you skilfully put me into a deep reflective headspace. New partner, new career, new business, new location, lost loads of weight…I got happy!” ~ Nick


Usually, there are three ways to work with Angela privately. The investment ranges from £700 to £25,000.

a) Trusted Advisor 15K – 25K

b) Thinking Partnership – £6 K – 7K

c) Pick Angela’s Brain – 60 minutes. £700

The investment will depend at what level you work together and how often you speak. Angela tailor makes every experience for the person in front of her.

Coaching with Angela will require more than money, though. You will be committing time, energy, your heart, and soul to the process. You are expected to show up fully and be present. And Angela commits to the same.

Angela doesn’t subscribe to the standard framework where you pay for a set amount of time. She creates a bespoke programme to suit you having the most effective results. Her energy + your insights, moment to moment is what she charges for, rather than a list of features, and promised outcomes. If a pre-prescribed list of outcomes is what you’re interested in, then she is not the coach for you. Angela is here to help you create unrecognisable, change.

Payment plans are available, coaching agreements are powerful, and compensation is non-refundable.

If you are not ready to invest at this level (this is not for everyone), please consider one of the other brilliant coaches available for you (Angela’s trained many of them!).