Designing A Lighter Life

We aren’t a dog parenting blog, but we have stories about dogs and dog sports. We aren’t traditional life coaches, but we want you to feel good in your inner life so you can have more fun in your outer life. We aren’t hippies but we understand the importance of spending time outdoors, in nature, doing whatever it is that makes you happy. We aren’t comedians but we don’t take life or ourselves too seriously.

We are a different kind of consultancy

I believe that there’s a lot of traditional life coaching, therapy, personal and professional development that’s not happening for people who could use it because of the format that it’s in. I am suggesting that there’s a way to approach ‘coaching’ that actually works quicker than the traditional indoor, scripted approaches you hate and that feels genuinely good and more natural to all involved.

I am here to support people to find alternative ways to help them feel good about themselves and their lives. There’s a lot of traditional coaching, therapy, counselling that’s possible that’s not happening for people that could use it because of the format that it’s in. After 15 years experience teaching traditional coaching certification programmes to thousands of people, I came to realise there are completely different ways of helping people feel better about themselves, and if more people knew about some of these ways they’d have more options that would work for them, because they’re just not interested in the traditional route. What started out as a hobby, is indeed the Thing I’m meant to do. I can’t not do it. I love it. And by sharing my stories, photos, and videos, I hope to remind everyone that they also have a Thing too. Through word of mouth and invitation, I’ve built up a global client base who work directly with me to learn how to express their unique Thing and design their lives in a way that makes them happiest. To me, this is the (not-so-secret) secret to Mellow Living.

I’m Angela. If you’d asked me a few years ago to picture how I’d help people in the future, as much as I’d have liked it to include paddocks, woodland glades, and puppies I’d probably never have come up with that. It would probably have looked more like offices, hotel foyers, and Zoom. I’m really glad it went in the direction of puppy’s and paddocks instead.




“I believe in the benefits of being outdoors for all involved. Connecting with nature has helps us re-connect with our own true nature, and take care of ourselves, humans and non-humans, and the planet.”

— Angela Watson, Mellow Dog Mumma


Angela Watson

My dog sport career began with a trip to a dog show in Hertfordshire in 2011, with my Golden Retriever, Harry. To be honest, I didn’t really know much about the sport, but I found a beginners class and well, the rest is history.

Now over a decade deep in the dog sport industry, I’ve gone from a complete rookie to one of the few people on the planet to compete at an elite level in dog sports, specifically Obedience. The pursuit of the perfect picture of teamwork has kept me enthralled for years. My mission is simple: Just Train The Dogs and play my part in respectfully raising and training dogs with the love and care they deserve.

I live near Winchester in Hampshire with my vintage camera loving husband, Mark Grainger, and our sweet Working Golden Retrievers, Jasper and Berty.


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If you’ve not yet dipped your toe into the wonderful world of Competitive Obedience, you really should give it a go. It’s really a series of tricks that anyone, any age can do, with any dog. You don’t need lots of kit just your dog and plenty of treats/toys. Obedience shows are held all over the country, all year round, and it’s affordable. But be warned…it’s addictive. I’ll be at Crufts in March 2023, demonstrating Competitive Obedience in a fun and positive way. Follow people similar to me on social media and you’ll find a tribe of people who love dogs and sport who are committed to raising and training dogs with the love, fun, and care they deserve.