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“The quality or state of being free…”

“Power to do as one pleases..”

“Power of choice…”



From Latin “Cor” meaning “Heart”

“To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart”

Mellow Dog Mumma (Angela Watson)

You may know me from my Executive Coach Trainings, from my coaching skills workshops for Doctors, from my work in hospitals, from the Competitive Obedience world, or from my career as a nurse and senior manager in the NHS which I ended in 2007.

Since my teenage years, I’ve always found it difficult to answer the question “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Not because I’m short of ideas. The exact opposite. I have lots of ideas, interests and passions. But because I am not what I do. And neither are you. Whether I’m working with doctors, CEO’s, healthcare organisations, or dog trainers, who I am and the way I am doesn’t change.

One day I’ll be coaching a leader on their career moves, another day I’ll be talking to a dog handler about ring nerves, and another week I’ll be delivering Coach Trainings.

And I love all of that.

You could say the common denominator is ‘coaching’ and my work goes beyond coaching in my aim to support us all to feel good and love life. Not in a hedonistic way. But in a way that aligns with all that we are. Because when we’re aligned, we feel good.

Warning: there will be dogs. Not just any dog, but the versatile, talented, intelligent, busy, Working Golden Retriever.

Where does the name ‘Mellow Dog Mumma’ come from?

Back in 2020, I ran a some free online workshops to help people in my community handle the shenanigans of Lockdown Life. Whilst I was first brainstorming names for the community, I stumbled on the word ‘mellow’ in the Urban Dictionary. And as I spend a lot of time hanging out with the dogs at The Paddock, the name was inevitable.

“Mellow” – person that gives everyone around them a feeling of calm and relaxed being, while surprising you with their humour”

Urban Dictionary

“Dog Mumma” – someone who spends a lot of time hanging out with dogs and working exceptionally hard so that their dogs can live their best lives. Like a regular parent. But much cooler 🙂

Angela Watson !

Since then the concept has evolved into a VIP community of human beings who are making a positive difference in the world.

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I owe my inspiration for this new website to the May 2023 Cohort of The Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching. If you were a participant on that course you’ll probably understand, and thank you!