Here’s where the story starts…

For a while now I’ve had a sense of moving on from the old to the new, but with no idea what ‘new’ would look like. And that’s weirdly liberating, when once it would have seemed terrifying.

It’s time for a new beginning…maybe not even that…more like an unfolding. Taking one step at a time, where each step determines the next. It’s a very freeing and beautiful way of living, if a little unconventional for a 50-something woman living in a wonky cottage, in the Hampshire countryside, with a mortgage to pay, a consultancy business to run, and two golden retrievers to feed.

In the past I’ve dabbled with blogging but then I’ve waned wondering if anyone really cares what I think and what I’m up to? But I’m okay with that now, as I’ve come to realise that I’m writing this as much for me as for you. I reckon that as long as I show up, and start…something will flow. So it’s time to rise to the challenge.

Let’s set the scene, in a nutshell: I am Angela, happily living with Mark, step mum to his two lovely grown up children, Becky and Tom, owner of two lively golden retrievers, Jasper and Berty, who I’ve trained to competition level in dog Obedience. Mark runs an online vintage camera business from home, and the good thing about this is I’m never short of photos of the dogs in all their golden gorgeousness.

For the last 15 years I’ve been exploring coaching, wellbeing, purpose, leadership, performance, relationships, as an on the road executive coach and training consultant working predominantly within the healthcare and public sector. I’ve had the privilege and joy of training thousands of good leaders and coaches to become great coaches, as well as coaching people from all walks of life, on a 121 basis. My methodology is deep coaching – bespoke and unscripted.

I’ve also been in and around the world of dogs for 15 years, but my experience, knowledge, and most of all PASSION for all things dog related, has always taken a back seat. Well not any more. The concept of a site that would celebrate all things dog-related, one that would help people mellow out and feel good about themselves was immensely appealing to me.

As my world revolves around the dogs – training them, walking with them, caring for them, showing them, and hanging out with them at my paddock, this was inevitable. Mellow Dog Mumma is a place where you can kick back, enjoy yourself, and mellow out.

I’ll post about life, wellbeing, performance, leadership, sorrow, loss, love, facing adversity and transcending limits, all viewed through the lense of dog sports and dog-friendly living.

During this blog journey, hopefully you’ll get a glimpse into the very normal life of a dog loving Coach who was transformed by dogs into an outdoorsy, mellow dog Mumma, who loves her creature comforts. I hope you enjoy it!

It’s a way of expressing who I truly am, in this crazy chaotic world.

When I’m not at a dog show, delivering training, or coaching my clients, I love mellowing out at my Paddock with the dogs, so the name for this blog was inevitable.

What most people don’t know about me is that I’ve lost loved ones, I’ve been dogged by self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and confidence issues, most of my life. I moved my business online because I had become frazzled by travelling and staying away from home. I love being busy and before I know it I get exhausted. I sometimes find business frustrating, relationships difficult, competing a rollercoaster, and dog ownership overwhelming. I’m not a joiner inner yet I love people.

So back to the blog – what’s it all about? The concept of a site that would celebrate all things dog-related, one that would help people to feel good about themselves, was immensely appealing to me.

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