Here’s where the story starts…

Welcome to Mellow Dog Mumma.

This blog is not a self-help guide. It contains no strategies, tools, or how to’s, or advice, because the average person who reads ‘how to information’ gets little to no results. You must take action. It doesn’t have a neat and tidy structure either – no beginning, middle or end. It is simply a collection of musings, ramblings, and blurtings posted on Social Media, across a couple of years, from a woman in mid-life, who loves dogs and competitive dog obedience, and sharing knowledge to help people achieve their dreams.

That’s me, Angela, a self-confessed dog-mad woman, living in England in the 21st century. The ideas and insights I’ll be writing about here, have been transformational for me and hundreds of clients around the world.

And did I mention that my world revolves around the dogs – training them, walking with them, caring for them, showing them, and mellowing out with them at my paddock – hence the name for this blog.

Jasper 2015 –
Berty 2020 –
Lucy 2006 – 2019
Harry 2008 – 2020

Because we’re not having face to face conversations here, I don’t know what will work best for you. Remember these blog posts were originally posted across Social Media. So see it as a smorgasbord. I’m curating them into this blog so that they are all in one place for me and you to read and share with your family, friends, and colleagues. In time I might turn them into a podcast, and maybe a book.

This post is an introduction. But the real story started over 15 years ago, aboard the overnight train from somewhere to somewhere else in Thailand. That night I read a book that turned out to be the catalyst for me to wake up, take my life in my own hands, and stop seeking, striving, working, trying hard and sleep-walking through life. That book was The Alchemist by Paulo Coellho.

The rest as they say is history.

And it turns out life is so much easier and more fun than we’re often led to believe. I sincerely hope you find something valuable here.

Love Life,

Angela x

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