A house is not a home until it has a dog

A house is not a home until it has a dog

Gerald Durrell

A year after I turned my back on my old life and bought my cottage, I also fulfilled another dream, which was to share my life with Golden Retrievers.

My home currently has two chalk and cheese golden retrievers. Jasper is a 30kg half show/half working 5 year old, who loves sleeping, food, and going for walks (in that order), and Berty is an 11 month old who loves everything, in any order. They are both clicker trained competitive obedience dogs, and much loved members of our family.

The first 2 dogs in our family were Lucy and Harry. Over the years, Harry accompanied me to networking and speaking events, and they were the stars of a corporate team-building event they inspired me to create. Because of my connections in the dog world, I’m often asked for advice by people who are thinking about getting a Golden Retriever. I know a few reputable breeders.

Working from home, I spend more and more time with the dogs these days, doing everything from going on walks with them, to training with them at the paddock, or hanging out with them at home and taking photos of them for this blog. For me, it’s not only about getting a great picture, it’s more about capturing the warmth of the mood I experience when I’m with them.

Their health is important and they see Dr Nick Thompson, the Holistic Vet, as well as thier regular vet. Giving them a nutritious diet is important, so I prefer to feed them a holistic raw diet from Bella and Duke, (that now comes in environmentally friendlier packaging), over a processed diet of grain, rusk, and kibble.

Big love, Angela x

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